What does goats milk have that cows milk doesn’t?



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    Goat milk actually has around 72% of the whole world milk usage. Goat milk also has a form of Vitamin A that is readily available for the body to use. It is in structure closer to human milk and thus easier digested by young. Goat milk has an alkaline reaction on the stomach, which is the same as mother’s milk. 

    More information can be found in the citation. 

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    I found a website that gives a great point by point breakdown of how the milk is different. Goats milk seems to contain more fat, but it’s a different type of fat. It doesn’t clump together like cows milk, which is easier for humans to digest. Goats milk doesn’t contain agglutinin. Goat milk protein forms a softer curd, which is probably why goats milk is used to make special cheeses. There are so many more ways it differs, but you will have to check out the link!

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