what does a goats mik have that a cows don’t



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    While cow milk is much more common in the United States, goat milk is a more self sufficient way for a family to produce milk. Goat milk is easier to produce because goats do not require as much food or as much space as a cow. In terms of composition goat milk and cow milk are fairly similar. To see an average comparison look at the chart below:

                                              GOAT                        COW
    Dry Matter                           12.6%                       12.2%
    Protein                                 3.4%                         3.2%
    Fat                                       3.8%                         3.6%
    Lactose                                4.1%                         4.7%
    Mineral Matter                       0.8%                         0.7%

    Of course, different breeds of cows and goats vary in these percentages. Overall, goat milk is more easily digestible in terms of fat and protein. Goat milk also has more vitamin A, calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, chlorine, and manganese. Cow milk is higher in sodium, iron, sulphur, zinc, and molybdenum. Cow milk is higher in lactose, although only minimally.

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