What does a gluten free diet do for you?



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    On the most basic level, gluten free diets remove gluten from your diet.  This includes wheat, barley, rye, kamut, and other grains that include gluten.  It has also proven somewhat successful in the treatment of diabetes, Down syndrome and multiple sclerosis, to name a few diseases.  See below for more information.

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    A gluten-free diet won’t do much for you unless you are allergic to gluten.  This kind of diet is very hard to maintain which is why people who follow it are usually allergic.  Some have tried to make ties between a high gluten diet and autism, but those findings are inconclusive.  Basically, a diet that includes a wide variety of foods is best for you as long as your allergies permit it. 

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    I have actually had many talks with nutritionists and one thing that I am told over and over again is that because of the increased amount of gluten in food (food is being engineered to have higher gluten levels so that companies can get higher yields from carbohydrates)  More people are having reactions to gluten, and they don’t even know it.  It is suggested for all people to reduce the amount of gluten they are in-taking and see how you feel.  Many people have reported feeling less bloated and constipated. 

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    A gluten-free diet ensures that you are eating only foods that do not contain gluten. If you are gluten tolerant, this diet will not have much effect on you. If you have celiac disease, and get sick when you eat gluten, a gluten-free diet can save your life. You cannot cure celiac disease, so the next best thing is to treat the symptoms with this diet. It can help you avoid the stomach pains, inflammation, and damage of the small intestines that can occur when those with celiac disease consume gluten.

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