What does global warming mean to you?



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    I try not to think about global warming as a problem that needs to be fixed but rather as a change that we need to learn how to live with. Just because it may be happening no matter what, though, I still feel the need to prevent any further damage caused by humans, especially if it is needless. That is why I want to dedicate my career towards studying the effects of changing climate conditions and to finding innovative ways to use less and help more people.

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    I believe that the earth is warming at an alarming rate due to human progress/innovation. Technology in the past two hundreds has progressed far too fast and put a stress on the environment. Global warming is the world’s reaction and solution to destroying all human beings and saving itself. It is trying to get rid of the disease, humans. 

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    For me, I think it’s a wake up call for our global society.  The earth does go through its warming and cooling phases, but human activity is rapidly increasing global warming.  I still think, as a world, we can be as productive and even more productive than we are today and still be environmentally conscious.  We can be more efficient with our energy use and save businesses money while protecting the environment.  Though many global warming fatalists stress how dire the circumstances are for our planet, I am a lot more hopeful.  

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    Global warning is a scary threat to our environment at the present time. Although global warning is something that can happen naturally, I think humans have sped up the process by their over consumption. I think as inhabitants of the world, we need to properly take care of the place we live and make sure we don’t destroy it.

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