What does garbage do to our planet



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    Garbage is a massive source of pollution. Some landfills have contaminated groundwater. Also, landfills take up space and some places are already running out of places to put it.

    Take New York City, for example. It’s last garbage dump closed in 2001. It now exports its garbage to other areas and states.

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    Garbage, specifically plastic, collects in specific areas in the ocean. The massive garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean exists because of currents. The California Current carries water and trash southward, down the coast of California and Mexico. Then, when the CC meets the North Equatorial Current, trash is pushed westward. Plastic from Asia flows eastward with the Kuroshio Current and into the Pacific Garbage Patch. Garbage collects wherever there are currents meeting and forming gyres (systems of rotating currents).

    Sea animals consume this plastic which releases chemicals into the environment. Glass in the ocean takes longer to decompose.

    Here is a link to a map of ocean currents.

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