What does the food chain look like in a typical fresh water lake?



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    The typical fresh water food chain starts out at phytoplankton (predominantly algae) which are terrestrial plants that require sunlight, water, and nutrients for photosynthesis.  Next come the zooplankton which are tiny little organisms (like brine shrimp) that feed off the phytoplankton.  Then comes the planktivores (smaller fish) that feed off of the zooplankton.  Lastly come the piscivores which are the large fish that feed off of the smaller fish.

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    I would like to clarify some of the points in guyonthewing’s answer. The reference that guyonthewing cited states that phytoplankton are like terrestrial plants not that they are terrestrial plants. Also, smaller fish are a type of planktivore but the reference also states that aquatic insect larvae are as well.

    Additionally, I will add that phytoplankton are primary producers, zooplankton are primary consumers, planktivories are secondary consumers, and piscivores are tertiary consumers.

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