What does radiation exposure do to your health?



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    I depends on the type of radiation, what tissues were exposed, and how long they were exposed. Ultraviolet radiation causes sunburn, premature skin aging, and skin cancers, but also production of vitamin D. Radiation of various kinds can interfere with cell function and cause cell death or genetic abnormalities.

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    High levels of radiation exposure can have drastic effects on our bodies. Because of its high energy content, ionizong radiation is capable of breaking down and apart the atoms within our bodies–causing everything to jump out of whack. 

    When this happens, it leaves our cells compltely vulnerable. Many areas can be irreparable damaged. For example, nerve cells and blood vessels in the brain can die putting a person in danger of fits of seizures. Cataracts may form in the eyes. Reduction of heart function and intestinal damage are likely. For more in depth information on the consequences, check out the websites below.

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