What does eel meat taste like?



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    I cannot speak for cooked eel meat, and we all know cooking certainly changes the flavor.  However, it’s likely that you will not be eating cooked eel meat, as with the exception of some south asian, or deep-southern American cuisines, eel meat is popularly eaten uncooked.  That said, it’s one of my favorite sushi/sashimis, as it has a very subtle, ether-eel (hehe) flavor, with delightful fishy notes like many freshwater fish do.  The texture is very, very tender with a chewy core.  With rice, seaweed, and wasabi, it’s excellent.   

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      Eel (cooked or uncooked) is generally never eaten in south asian cuisine. I’ve been to culinary school in south asia and run two restaurant specializing in south asian cuisine. I have yet to come across a dish that uses eel.

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    Eel meat is actually very good! I haven’t had it raw, but it is very good when cooked with a teriyaki sauce. It tastes very similar to chicken, actually. It is very good in sushi. I gather it is very difficult to fillet, so it might be a good idea to try it at a restaurant first. Your best luck will be at a Japanese restaurant.

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    Eel meat is delicious!  It is chewy, and probably tastes more of “fish” than other species used in Asian cuisine (salmon, tuna, whitefish).  Often, though, it takes on the characteristics of the sauce on it, or the wasabi, or the soy, etc …

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    Actually, eel meat is hardly ever eaten raw. It is usually coupled with a brown sauce. The flavor is maybe a little smoky, with a hint of fishiness. I have never had chewy eel like described above. It has always held together well, but never chewy. The strip of skin may be left on one side of the eel, and that might be a little chewy. It has a nice even texture, but not flaky like fish. It will taste different at different locations. 

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    I have never tried it but I am open to new foods. I might have to see it friend to be able to eat it without being squeamish. Then again I tried fried calamari and LOVED it.

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