what does eco friendly company mean?.



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    There are many different ways that a company can be eco-friendly. One way is that they can make products that don’t harm the environment. This means that the production of these products doesn’t have a severe impact on the environment, and the products themselves don’t harm the environment. An example of this would be biodegradable platic. 

    Also, an eco-friendly company can also support green practices and sustainability. Here’s a link to some eco-friendly companies. 

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    There are varying degrees of eco friendly operation. In the US there are actually certifications that can be earned for sustainability that may result in tax cuts for the business. Being eco friendly can be something as simple as recycling, which may seem like a basic responsibility a business should practice. However to achieve a certification or to be considered “green” the company must make investments in things like solar panels or cooling systems alternative to air conditioning. These days being an eco friendly company basically means a) being as energy efficient as possible given the circumstances of the company (an ice cream parlor will not be able to avoid using constant refrigeration) and b) being responsible with waste (recycling, not dumping chemical waste into water systems/supplies, finding alternatives to landfills). 

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