What does recycling do to metals?



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    Metals are one of the more easily recyclable materials. It usually involves, basically, melting them and making somethign new out of them. This contrasts with plastic, which is considerably degraded in quality after it is recycled, and usually can not be used to remake the same products that were recycled to create it (i.e., all plastic bottles are made from new plastic, or a very small percentage of recyled plastic).

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    Most metal that goes through a recycling center is melted down for use in new products.  Metal is first sorted into different types, then shredded into very small pieces.  These tiny pieces are then compressed into cubes or bales in order to make transporting them easier.  The bales are then melted down into molten metal, which is then pounded into flat metal sheets after cooling and solidifying.  These flat sheets form the basis for new metal products.

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