What does Disney do to help the environment?



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    Interesting question. According to the company, they’ve set numerous goals for themselves regarding “waste, carbon emissions, energy, water, ecosystems” and inspiring children to care about the environment. They have four main programs set up at this point: Disney Friends for Change: Project Green, which uses all Disney mediums to enlighten kids about going green; Disney Planet Challenge, which does much the same thing in classrooms; Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund, which supports other nonprofits dedicated to wildlife, ecosystems and community support; and Recycle Plastic Bags, which is exactly what it sounds like.Read about more of their actions and plans at the second link below!

    Disney also includes environmental messages in several of their movies; the classic example would be Bambi, in which Man is portrayed as a villain with the power to destroy ecosystems.

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    Disney provides much education through its movies and theme parks about the environment and how to protect it. Their recent nature-oriented series are giving children and adults glimpses into amazing worlds, like the ocean, and educating people on what lives in these worlds.

    Disney offers grants for nonprofit organizations that work to protect the environment. They even offer emergency funding for organizations that wish to save a plot of land or carry out a project immedidately.

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