What does the Disney corporation do for (or to) the environment?



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    The Walt Disney Corporation prides itself on educating visitors/viewers of the Disney Channel about environmental health and sustainability. Disney has set up the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund that supports nonprofit organizations that work for the preservation of wildlife and ecosystems. Disney has also initiated something they call “Disney Planet Challenge,” a program for educating 4-6th graders about being ecofriendly and aware. Unfortunately, they’re also sort of a detriment to the environment because the take up large spaces for their theme parks, which use a lot of energy (water and electricity in particular) and create a lot of waste.

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    Disney has initiated employee carpooling and efficient commuting methods, has vowed to reduce half of its fuel emissions through reductions, efficiencies and offsets by 2012, by 2013 they plan on reducing their energy consumption by 10%, pursuing renewable sources of electricity, minimized their plastic bag usage, only use recycled bags, implemented water conservation practices in the resorts, has an environmental council, hosts an enivornmentally summit to discuss environmental issues with top executives, and implemented a Green Standard for the workplace.

    Their green standards include:
    Don’t Talk Trash: Recycle! Recycle cans, bottles, paper, cardboard, cell phones, electronics, electronic media (DVD, CD), landscape waste and construction debris.
    Reduce & Refill! Eliminate individual plastic water bottle use in backstage operations and offices.
    Double Up! Print and make copies using both sides of the page.
    Branch Out! Use a minimum of 30% recycled-content paper for everyday printing and copying.
    Take a Power Break! Turn off unnecessary lights.
    Be a Low-Rider! Minimize driving alone during work hours by using environmentally friendly options such as teleconference, videoconference, carpools and public transit.

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