What does the diet that is supposed to help people live to 120 years consist of?



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    Five or more (preferably up to seven) servings of fruit and vegetables a day have been scientifically proven to improve and maintain health. Although there has been some confustion over what a “serving” is, the guidelines are as follows, roughly: an apple is a serving. A really big salad might be two servings. It’s common sense. Fresh fruit and vegetables are the best for you. Buy organic when possible, to avoid pesticides. Always be careful to wash your fruit and vegetables first, to wash of the pesticides. Fresh produce is prefferable over canned, since canned goods may contain syrupy sugars that are unhealthy.  In addition to fruits and vegetables, a diet should contain the other food groups, as well. It’s unhealthy to follow fad diets that cut out certain groups entirely, even for a limited time.

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