What does creatine do to your body?



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    Creatine increase the water retention of your muscles.  Some of the unwanted side effects are intestinal cramping, diarrhea, increased urination, and dehydration.  These are mainly seen in high dosages of creatine.  These high doses of powder enter the stomach they draw water from the body, causing the intestine to contract, just like drinking sea water.

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    Creatine, once taken, is absorbed into the muscle, raising the levels of phosphocreatine up by 20 percent, and keeping ATP (released when your muscles are under stress) in the body high while creatine is present. This causes a person to not get tired as fast, and not feel as much pain.

    Creatine only gives spurts of energy, and is ineffective for endurance sports. 

    Problems can occur if a person is dehydrated, because the creatine consumes more water, and may make a person dizzy or faint. Also, some people who take creatine experience leg pain, believed to be caused by the water buildup creating pressure in the muscle. This can cause long term and irreversible tissue damage.

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