What does conditioner do for your hair?



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    Conditioners can do a lot for your hair, but the primary task that all of them achieve is helping to detangle all the strands of hair.  Conditioners can also help to moisturize your hair and there are of course conditioners that serve more specific purposes such as replenishing certain nutrients or addressing a certain kind of behavior.

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    Conditioners coat your hair with a lubricant or synthetic that replaces the stripped out oils in your hair.  Some conditioners also bond to your hair, which smoothes out the hairs and restores sheen.  Other conditioners may also reduce the static charges of flyaway hairs.

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    Hair conditioners work as fillers essentially.  Imagine a wall filled with tiny holes.  Then imagine rubbing plaster all over the wall so that it gets pushed into each and every hole and smooths out the appearance of the wall.  Conditioner acts in this way on the cuticle layer of each strand of hair, restoring any deficiencies in the cuticle of the hair.  In addition, the process of filling in the holes creates a protective sealing around the hair cuticle which causes the cuticle to lie flat, making the hair shinier and more able to reflect light.  Conditioners also contain ingredients to help clean the hair, removing dirt and excess oil.    

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