What does college football do to be green?



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    Any stadium that uses AstroTurf instead of real grass is a much greener stadium. Watering and maintaining a real grass stadium takes a lot of water and oftentimes will mean the use of chemicals to help maintain the lawn.

    Another good tactic would be to reuse as many jerseys, footballs, and other sporting goods as possible, especially plastics.

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    Notre Dame and Syracuse students will be playing a part in NBC Universal’s Green Week. Students can create 30-second films about sustainability issues, and the winning ad will be broadcast during the Notre Dame-Syracuse football game.

    And in college baseball, South Carolina’s baseball stadium is home to the world’s first hydrogen-fuel-cell-powered scoreboard.

    The NCAA has also created a green team who is tasked with guiding the national office staff in supporting the environment, conserving national resources and developing sustainability efforts. The team also is committed to increasing awareness of environmental issues locally, regionally and nationally.


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