What does carbon neutral mean?



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    Carbon neutral means removing as much carbon dioxide as one puts in the atmosphere. One does not literally remove the carbon from the air, but in your daily routine offsetting certain practices you may have that release carbon into the air, using the computer, driving the car, with certain things about your life that cannot help being avoided that release carbon into the air. Walking instead of driving, or unplugging certain appliances when you are not using them to offset turning on lights or making food.

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    It means you are replacing as much carbon to a locked state as you are releasing it into the atmosphere. If you cut down a tree, you simply have to plant a new tree and see to it that it grows the to the same size as the one you cut down to have carbon neutrality. If you drive a car and release x amount of pounds of co2 into the atmosphere you ought to plant enough trees (if use a different type filtration system—use algae perhaps, those little babies love to eat up co2 and produce oxygen—locking up carbon in the process) so the amount put into the air is neutralized or balanced out. See carbon offset. It is very difficult to be carbon neutral… But we’re working on making it easier!

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