What does California do to prepare for fire season?



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    California fire readiness is a collaborative effort by Office of Emergency Services (OES), CAL FIRE, and other government organizations and officials.  During fire season, which is generally considered the months of May – July, but can fluctuate depending on seasonal rainfall and temps., California takes as much precaution as possible.  California increases firefighting staffing, mobilizes aerial resources, coordinates military resources, trains local government in preparedness efforts, boots public awareness, and enforces fire prevention laws.     

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    In addition to the governmental and firefighting measures above, Californians are asked to prepare for fire season on their individual properties. These preparations include clearing rain gutters of debris, clearing easily combustible materials, such as lawn furniture, off decks during peak season, moving firewood at least 30′ feet away from homes, clearing dead and dry plants on the property, and maintaining a space of about 3′ of non-combustible space around the house (no shrubs, furniture, compost piles, etc.. In addition, firefighters ask that home addresses are easily visible from the street to make it easier to find the house in case of fire, ensuring that street signs are on every corner around house, and that flammable materials, such as vegetation, are cleared from within 10′ of the driveway to ensure that firefighters or rescuers can easily reach the house in case of fire.

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