What does a cactus flower taste like?



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    There are a lot of species of cacti, and I don’t believe many of them have edible flowers.  There isn’t much evidence available saying definitively that cactus flowers can be eaten, or how to eat them, or for that matter, how they taste like.  This is obviously not coming from an avid cactus flower-eater, but I found one web forum in which one man states: “some of the barrel cacti such as Ferocactus hamatacanthus, F. histrix (“borrachitos”), and F. latispinus (“pochas”) also produce edible fruits, as well as edible flower buds.”  Here’s an additional site that talks about edible cactus, and how to cook it.

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    Bats love Cactus Flowers. In the deserts, bats are often attracted to the nectar that is produced by the cactus flower. This is a sweet nectar taken from the flowers found on these plants. The blooms open at night when the bats are most active and so they make a perfect snack. Some portions of these plants are edible and even found in grocery stores in Mexico. The flower buds of barrel cactus are consumed much like cabbage in certain locations.

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