What does bike month mean to the environment?



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    Bike month occurs annually in May.  They have a “Bike-to-Work” week that encourages everyone to see what it would be like to ride your bike to work instead of taking your car.  There are many other events that can be found on the website that are held during the month.  It means that even for a week, maybe a month, there is that much less carbon being emitted into our atmosphere.  Hopefully, it raises awareness of not only the environmental impacts of riding your bike, but also the health benefits.  I think that it is a great thing that will hopefully help people realize riding your bike can help save the planet, even if you only do it once a week!

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    Bike month is good for the environment. Not only does it help reduce the number of people using cars as a main mode of transportation, it helps to increase the biking communities. This may cause people to continue riding their bikes long after bike month is through. 

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    It can only mean good things for the environment.  Due to the incredible amount of emissions we produce per day and the amount of oil used to power our cars per day, even one day (bike to work day) that is part of bike month could have incredible benefits.  If it is actually a success, bike month could prove the biggest single month emission drop in our history.  However, this is all assuming that bike month is a success.  Either way, some people are bound to take the month seriously and lower their emmisions.  It will certainly be good.

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    It means a benefit to the environment that is proportionally equivalent to the drop in the water level in the Pacific Ocean when I scoop up a bucket of water when I’m at the beach.  In other words, EVERY month could be Bike Month, and there would be no real noticeable benefit to any major environmental issue anywhere.

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