What does a Basking Shark eat?



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    Basking sharks eat small fish, and other organisms in its surrounding waters, but the main component of their diet is plankton. 

    It’s a filter feeder.  It has these things called gill rakers located in its gills around its head.  The gill rakers filter out plankton as water passes through.  

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    Basking sharks are filter feeders. They’re maouths are cone shaped with gill slits on the top and bottom of it’s head. The gill rakers are dark and bristle-like and are used to catch plankton as water filters through the mouth and over the gills. They eat enormous amounts of these tiny creatures as they swim through the water. They are a migratory species and are a ‘commercially important’ fish that has been overfished and has simply vanished in some areas – leading to a great need for their protection.

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    Although Basking Sharks have hundreds of teeth, they are of little use.  These sharks swim around with their large mouths open, catching food such as plankton, baby fish, and fish eggs.  They are very slow moving sharks, only swimming at speeds of about 3 mph.  

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