What does alkalinic water do for your body?



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    Basically, nothing that regular water doesn’t. The claim is that if your body is too acidic, the alkaline water (often made with water ionizers) will balance your pH. But in most cases, the body has tight biological controls that always keep the pH near seven, the exact level depending on the part of the body–we have a natural regulatory system of checks and balances. If your pH is unbalanced, this is a serious medical problem and needs a doctor, not ionized water. In many parts of the country, including where I live, the tap water is naturally alkaline: we don’t get any more or fewer illnesses than anyone else. So, while drinking water is always good, there’s no reason to waste your money on alkaline water.

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     I’ve tried the ionized alkaline water produced by the tyent USA water ionizers. And from my experience this water tastes good and promotes health and fitness. Ofcourse our body has tight biological controls and natural regulatory system to balance the body pH. But in the present world, our lifestyle and junk foodhabits has made a threaten to our health, causing acidosis.

     In such case, if we include alkaline water to our everyday diet, it will help us prevent diseases.Alkaline Water has anti oxidants in it, which flushes out the toxins from our body and balances the pH. Alkaline Water also cleanses the skin to prevent premature aging. More over, prevention is better than cure.

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