What does Africa do for their farming?



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    So, due to the typo, this question could be about one of two things: farming or famine. I’m thinking you meant farming…?

    Anyway, first we must remember that Africa is an entire continent. We can’t conflate Africa with a certain perception of what it is, because it varies greatly from area to area. Morocco is different from Uganda. Zimbabwe is different from South Africa.

    But, apart from that, certain foods are farmed rather frequently across the continent. “Yams, plantains, green bananas and cassava are the essential staples in Africa” while “beans and lentils are definitely the most popular food staples” across Africa. Food is generally produced on a small scale, as opposed to the large industrial farms that run the food industry in the United States. I suggest checking out the website below to learn more about food production and food staples across the continent of Africa.

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