What does the Acura Temperature Control system do?



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    It is an advanced form of climate control for the vehicle.  The car monitors the position of the sun using a GPS link to determine if the sun is warming a particular part of the car’s cabin more than the other parts.  The temperature control system then mitigates the warming effect by making the side being warmed cooler (like turning up the AC in only one part of the car).  The system is fully automatic and requires no driver input to operate (other than the driver setting their preferred cabin temperature, which the system will then try to maintain).

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    There are three different components in the 2010 Acura TSX Climate Control System. One is the “Automatic Climate Control” which allows the driver and the front passenger to set different temperatures during the cruise. Another is the “GPS-linked Temperature Control”, that uses the position of the sun to help maintain a stable temperature inside the car, regardless of the actual sun heat (that could be unbalanced). The last one is “Power Windows and Moonroof” that allows the driver to open or close the windows and the moonroof with “the touch of a button” and let the car cool down during hot days.

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