What do Zoologists do with their degree?



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    Zoologists basically study animals in a variety of ways. They observe animals both in the lab and in their natural habitats. They also look at the origins of different species, and how animals within a given species interact with each other and with their environment. Zoologists also sometimes study diseases in animals, as well as disease prevention and possible cures.

    Zoologists are employed in a number of positions by a number of different organizations, including government organizations like the Department of Energy, and business organizations. They can also work as zookeepers, wildlife educators, or researchers.

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    Zoologists are able to work at zoos, national parks, rehabilitation centers, wildlife reserves, and many other places. They also are able to become teachers, either in grade schools or high schools or in a college or university. There also are many jobs in organizations that are nonprofit and work to protect the environment or specifically animals. Some examples include World Wildlife Federation and PETA.

    Still other people include their hobbies or other skills to advance their careers. Many people write about animals or take pictures for major magazines or websites.

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