What do you want to know?



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    ?  The Meaning of life?  What would you like to know? 

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    Personally, I would like to know what we’re going to do about global warming. That, more than any other single question in the environmental realm, is the one I’d like an answer to. Climate change is a unique problem in our history because it’s the first truly global emergency that affects everyone on earth, regardless of geography, economics, ideology or culture. It has the potential to make our planet, if not totally uninhabitable, certainly much more unpleasant and expensive to live on. Given the tremendous political and economic difficulties we’ve already faced in even beginning to address the effects of global warming, I’m not sure how we’re going to pull together as a world community to cut greenhouse gas emissions, although I am confident that as the crisis worsens the political and economic will to do something about it will suddenly be in greater supply than it seems to be now.

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    Yes, the meaning of life would be great to know, but maybe that would take the mystery out of it all.

    I’d like to know, what moves people? What motivates people to act? To love and sacrifice? Much of the technical bits I can learn from books, observing the world around me, and masters of the trade. But what drives people to do what the do, especially when it is not in their long-term interest (such as participate in the consumer culture)?

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