What do you do to use less paper at college?



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    I find it very helpful to just use one notebook for all of my classes.  Very rarely have I ever filled up an entire notebook with notes for just one class.  This way, I know that I am not going to have a ton of leftover paper at the end of the quarter, and I have all of my work in one place.  There is less to carry around, and less leftover in the end.

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    I have been using my eReader for the last 5 semesters. With my first eReader things were a little bit more difficult, but upgraded to the Kindle 3 last semester. eReaders and tablets are devices that are still growing and aren’t for everyone. Anything that isn’t going to anyone else (like my professors or group members) is converted and transferred to my kindle. Not a single draft of a paper is printed. It goes straight to my Kindle to be read back to me with text-to-speech.

    Instead of drawing and writing out all my notes in class, I use a netbook and a pen tablet. With a pen tablet way there is no need to draw diagrams and on board illustrations on a separate sheet of paper. With the software I use I draw it on the same sheet as the rest of my notes.

    I don’t care for loose leaf paper, though i see its use when trying to save paper. I personally use legal pads. Its like loose leaf, but the means of storage is easier. why? I find that blank loose leaf takes up too much space inside the binder (esp towards the end of a semester). So i store my legal pads in the clear pocket of the binder located on the front and back of the binder. Legal pads come in handy for those (like me) who can’t write on a single sheet and must have a sheet or two between the writing paper and the table.

    For coffee drinkers, I recommend a reusable cup. My school used to sell a reusable cup that they charge less for refills for. So rather than paying a 1.50$ for 16oz brewed coffee, you would pay 1$~ish. They no longer have that program. Through my school continues to go along with reuseable soda cups, which cost 85cents to refill (opposed to 1.69$~). Even if your school doesn’t have these programs, they are still greener habits.

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    I would be careful about not using title pages – make sure you check the syllabus first, some professors can be sticklers. I’m a big fan of using a laptop for taking notes, organizing notes, making study guides. Often an entire term will go by without my using almost any paper. Double-printing sheets is a great idea.

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    Bring your laptop to class and type up your notes instead of writing it on paper. It may also be easy to email your assignments to your professors instead of printing it and handing it in. If you ever have scrap paper from printing something you don’t need, use the back of the paper to take notes.

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