What do you think would happen to the environment if we didn’t produce any carbon?



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    Interesting question.  If we could not produce any carbon, I assume you mean carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions we could worry a little less about global warming.  There is strong evidence that emissions such as CO2 are leading to higher temperatures globally, which leads to melting of the glaciers, loss of artic wildlife habitat and rising sea levels. In addition carbon dioxide emissions are generally being absorbed by the ocean, causing the ocean to become more acidic.  This increased acidity leads to coral reefs dying and putting other fish in jeopardy as they rely on coral reefs for safety and food.  If we could stop CO2 emissions we could greatly slow this process, but we would still have to worry about NOx emissions, CFCs and methane gasses.

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    If we did not produce any carbon dioxide than trees could not exist because they require it for photosynthesis. They convert carbon dioxide to oxygen that we use to survive. Nevertheless, it is not that we should produce no carbon dioxide, but much less of it. 

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