What do you think would be the advantages and disadvantages to making all the science behind global warming public?



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    One of the requirements for a scientific study to be accepted is that it must undergo rigorous screening by the author’s peers. When a study is finally vetted, it is usually then published in a scientific journal. This is all true for scientific studies on global warming as well. As such, the science behind global warming is already public; it was vetted by other scientists then published in scientific journals which anyone can read. Perhaps what you meant, however, was trying to explain the science behind global warming to the public. While we already do basic scientific explanations, trying to explain science that requires a PhD to understand to the general public will most likely only generate apathy and confusion. If everyone could understand the science of global warming, we wouldn’t need scientists to tell us that it is happening!

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    I think that openly reporting the science behind climate change would be beneficial. 95% of climate scientists acknowledge that their is anthropogenic or human caused climate change. The science behind the earth’s natural fluctuating temperature is often used by human induced climate change skeptics may be true, there is undoubtedly human contributions to climate change and the vast majority of scientist will tell you this. With this information widespread, I think it could help nudge people towards more sustainable behaviors. 

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    I do not believe there will be any disadvantages to releasing all available data for global warming. Naysayers are going to have their doubts regardless. Since it truly affects everyone, the more information the more able individuals can make responsible decisions.

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