What do you think is the worst company for the environment?



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    This is a tough question… to be honest, I almost didn’t answer it. My vote goes to one of the greenwashing giants- Exxon, perhaps- as it causes more damage by pretending to be green and sneaking around regulations than most overtly damaging companies can do to the political ramifications.

    That’s really just my opinion though. What other people think may have more to do with empirical, rather than theoretical, damages.

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    Walmart has a very negative impact on our environment. Walmart stores are being built at an alarming rate, with a new store opening every two business days on average. Walmart has a long history of breaking environmental laws, especially those concerning water quality and hazardous waste. There are many other issues surrounding Walmart, including unfair labor, local economy destruction, and mass consumerism.

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    I agree with Wal-Mart, and the fact that they advertise themselves now as green or promoting a green life style sorta makes me sick. They can’t ship their sutff any further than where it comes from, nevermind how it’s produced. They have started to develop a more environmentally friendly building, but their previous buildings have such poor performance, they’ll barely even offset their own emissions.

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    Simply because of the oil spill, I’m going to have to go with BP.  The company has done visible damage to the environment, and it is one of the only corporations that has an environmental disaster directly linked to them.  Another reason I think that they are bad for the environment is that they do a ton of greenwashing.  If you visit their website there is an entire tab devoted to their sustainability, which is ironic considering the recent events.

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    Hummer. They are the epitome of the macho-car obsessed culture that drives the oil industry and pollutes our air. They are a status symbol and are awful for the environment; a double whammy. 

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    In recent years, BP has done a very bad job treating the environment. With the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the company has damaged the water and wildlife, and harmed the community. 

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