What do you think will be the next big green thing?



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    I would like to see renewable energy be used on a smaller consumer level. I thought that it would be a good invention to have a small solar pack that you could charge by a window or on a porch that could be able to save enough energy to power a refrigerator for a couple days or something along that premise to start to take the toll off of electricity use. I’m not an engineer though so I don’t know the logistics of it. It would be nice to see solar and wind energy be able to be produced on a small scale for homeowners and renters.

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    I really hope the fashion industry begins the next big “green” movement. Since clothing is a necessary product for humans, I think sustainable materials and practices have the opportunity to evolve within the powerful industry.

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    Maybe hemp will become the next big green thing. It’s already widely used globally, and if the United States would declassify it as a drug, it would certainly take over the green movement in terms of momentum. It seems as though the thought that hemp is beneficial to American society is growing. Hemp fibers would make their mark in the textile and paper industries. Not only would it be a smart green move, it would be smart economic move.

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    I think that the next big green thing is the electric car. The electric car allows people to buy one single car that will outlast the current and future alternative fuel sources. Instead of having to adapt to changing fuel sources, only the power plants of the electric grid have to. Electric cars are starting to go on sale in the United States and will grow immensely. 

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    I see the next big green thing having to do with transportation. Alternative transportation options have been around for a while, but it would be nice to see it become more mainstream. Hopefully one day green transportation will become the norm.  In California I know that the carpool lanes had a big impact on the number of people who drive hybrids.  Next year the rules are changing and the privileges only apply for those with natural gas, electric, or other new alternative cars. Hopefully the new regulation will be just as beneficial.

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    I think geothermal energy sources. The earth has a lot of heat that it lets off from the core and it is consistent.

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    I think that although the hybrid car is out on the market now, it will become a much bigger item in the future. Right now, not many people buy hybrid cars because they are new and may be skeptical of how it runs. I think in the future, people will be more eager to buy these cars and it will become a popular green item.

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