What do you think will be the most affective way to spread the word about climate change?



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    Even though I think An Inconvenient Truth had its flaws I think using mainstream media (movies, magazines, newspapers) to spread the message about climate change is incredibly effective. Additionally, when celebrities get involved in this cause they can often break the news to those who would otherwise be completely uninterested in world events. I understand that celebrities are hardly experts and sometimes it is annoying when they take up humanitarian causes, however, the general publics overwhelming in every part of their lives can be used to the advantage of important causes like abating global warming.

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    I believe that an effective way to inform people about the impacts of climate change is to target as many people as possible. Use the internet, media, news, radio, and newspaper to spread the word to as many people as possible. I also believe that informing people at an early age is very important, schools starting at the elementary level or sooner could incorporate environmental ideals into their curriculum including the reasons for the increased rate of climate change as well as solutions. Many people do not grow up with knowledge and exposure to the effects of climate change, by starting at a young age children will grow up with an environmental consciousness that could remain with them throughout their entire life.

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    I think the most effective way is to shock people. The only way to get peoples attention is to do this. Most people do not care about the environment sadly and merely care about themselves. Therefore, the way to promote the word about climate challenge is to shock them about how much it impacts THEIR lives. 

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