What do you think will be the first American city to have a vertical farm?



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    Supporters of vertical farms are pushing for New York City to host the the first prototype. The New York Times has mentioned that “Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer has already expressed interest in having a vertical farm in the city. If a farm is located where the public can easily visit it, the iconic building could generate significant tourist dollars, on top of revenue from the sales of its produce.”

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    Phoenix recently entered some business ventures with Dubai and is expected to be it’s sister-city within the next several years.  As Dubai pioneers the technology, Phoenix will likely look into ways of harnessing fresh water….or any water! They will need to locate water at all in order to make the vertical farm a viable option.  Arizona is currently undergoing a massive movement in the solar industry, so innovative sustainability is definitely a priority.  Perhaps they will find a way utilize water beyond the drying rivers and look to the Gulf of Mexico or Pacific waters.

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