What do you think will be different about houses in the future?



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    I think house size will likely decrease as people become more environmentally concious. Giant houses are not really neccessary, and are very wasteful. With smaller house size you save money and wasted resources on all kinds of things like building materials and electricity costs. Also, people won’t buy so much random stuff if they have no where to store it! 

    It would be good if some other changes happen (although less likely): Houses should be oriented for passive heating and cooling-this means certain angles to the way the sun moves, rather than just facing the street. Houses should also be very well insulated, to reduce the need for heating a cooling. Hopefully new houses will also have all the environmentally standards we know about today in green building, and all the new ones that are figured out. 

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    They will use less energy from a (non-sustainable) power-provider and they will produce more of it on their own (sustainably— more will have solar panels and wind power generators). They will better regulate, track, and control how much of each resource goes in and what the outcomes were — there will be tax-based incentives for conserving resources and not over-consuming/ wasting resources). They will each be equipped with a 3 part — trash/recyclables/bio-matter — garbage disposal system — this way we will not be creating and wasting things that could be reused for good purposes. 

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    I agree about smaller houses.  However, I think one huge factor that will cause this is the growing population of the planet.  However, it will still be a good change.  Also, I think houses will start to be more self sufficient.  We cant keep using the energy the way we are.  We are going to have to start using a lot less energy. 

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