what do you think will be the biggest differences between houses of today and houses of the future?



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    I think there will be a greater focus on sustainability.  Building materials may be different, knowing now what some of the implications of certain materials on the environment are.  I also think that heating, cooling and other systems will be more energy efficient and better on the environment.  In short, I think people will be more careful about what their homes are built with and how they are built.

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    Houses will be much smaller or we will focus more on high rise apartments.  The population is booming and sustainability is becoming more and more of a factor, not just for hippies, but essential for life. 

    We cant afford to build these huge houses.  Too wasteful, and there is starting to be just too many people on the planet.  We are going to start cramming more people into buildings.  And making the buildings more compact

    (However, that will probably we a ways down the line in the future…) 

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