What do you think we should do with nuclear power?



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    I think we should expand the use of nuclear power because it provides abundant energy for electricity generation with no contribution to greenhouse gas emissions and relatively little solid waste and damage (heating) to water supplies.

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    I think we should continue to develop it. Fusion is the technology of the future, and with it we can produce nearly unlimited amounts of energy with zero emissions and zero radiation. As far as fission goes, it is an alternative to burning fossil fuels, and therefore should be looked at more closely. There are Japanese companies who are recycling the radioactive isotopes that are byproducts of the reaction itself, making fission power look more attractive to those who are afraid of the radioactive waste.

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    Nuclear power is a proven technology that promises to generate power with less of a carbon footprint than burning fossil fuels. The poor public reputation of nuclear power should not stand in the way of developing and applying nuclear technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Nuclear power plants are under construction all over the world, in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. North America will be at a disadvantage if we refuse to further develop our nuclear capacity.

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    I think that we should get rid of nuclear power, at least until the problem of radioactive waste is solved.  This waste poses as a huge threat to the United States.  Not only does it have to be looked after for thousands of years, but the waste sites may be a target for terrorist attacks.  Because the Uranium supply is depleting, I think that we should discontinue the use of nuclear energy until we better understand how to use it.

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