what do you think we need to do to make green jobs a larger part of the economy?



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    Well, the government would need to start it, and then others would follow suit; that’s how much of the job pool works. There could be several small businesses with green jobs, but unless it’s done on a large scale by someone or something with the money to promote and make the jobs, nothing can really happen, at least, not quickly. I think adding another cabinet member, say like “Environmental Advisor” would be a beneficial step. 

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    The government should instigate the process.  It should give tax breaks to green businesses — this would allow businesses to flourish, and would consequently cause wages to rise.  People will always go where the money is, and if the government can facilitate the rise of a green economy, eco-friendly jobs will be a lot more popular.  

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    To add onto the great answers above, while the green sector should be made more profitable (tax breaks and the like), non-green, environmentally harmful companies, especially in the erngy sector, should be made far less profitable. Higher taxes for such companies and stricter regulation will make certain industries think about adding more green initiatives to their work, specifically oil companies. Perhaps they could start to switch from being big producers of dirty energy to green energy-based corporations.

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    The government and non-profit organizations can certainly push for more green jobs. However, until it is communicated and demonstrated to private industry that green jobs and practices are profitable it will only rhetoric.

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    I would also comment that in order for there to be a large amount of green jobs, there also has to be a greater amount of opportunities for people to be trained to do green jobs in community colleges or vocational schools. Once more people have the skills to do the jobs, then green job creation would be a significant part of the economy.

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