What do you think we need to do to keep the green movement going strong?



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    We need to continue research, education, and implementation. People are more likely to participate in the green movement if they understand the results and long term effects. These three things need to happen at the national, state, and local level in order to be the most effective.

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    I’d say we need much better promotion for eco awareness. If the public start supporting a cause, it will be supported by governments and companies as a result. I also would consider that being eco aware should be treated as importantly as being literate, especially nowadays. Large scale programs should be massively implemented to get everyone on board. Working together to bring down emissions could easily solve our problems, especially since we have everything we need to reduce our emissions below 1990 levels. It’s just a matter of actually going though the steps. 

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    I think in order for people to move past a consumer based lifestyle–we need to do just that, adopt a new lifestyle. Sustainability cannot be just a fad, a movement or a cause–it is a necessity that we either align our lifestyles within the limits of our natural resources or we don’t survive. It is an unsettling but true fact.

    Education is integral to this–not necessarily education in the sense of universities and colleges, though these too can play a role, but continual learning about how the real world around us operates, and how we best fit into this.This is a kind of knowledge that accumulates over lifetimes and is passed down through generations, knowledge that we have lost a significant portion of during this era of fossil-fuels. It seems most people learn best when they experience something first hand, perhaps complimented by reading and research. So, to the degree that people can experience the gap in knowledge between what they know, and what they need to know to creat and survive in a sustainable world I think that there is a good chance that this would serve as motivation to embark on the never ending journey to close that gap.

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    The green movement has only recently been picking up speed–on a commercial leve, anyway–in the last decade. Climate change is the “poster boy” of environmental issues, so I think we will be seeing a continued increase in availability of eco-friendly energy, transportation, and overall lifestyle. The best thing that can be done to keep this going is to PARTICIPATE in the movement any way we can, even on a household level. Tell your friends about the changes you’ve made and how much money you’ve saved…if they don’t care about the environment, they care about their money. It may help to change their ways as well!

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