What do you think we can do to help shift away from fossil fuels?



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    We can help shift away from fossil fuels by being more environmentally conscious in general and using alternative energy.

    We can start using other types of energy such as: Solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, hydroelectric power, and ocean power.

    Most fossil emissions come from cars. So I believe if people drove less and used other means of travel (public transportation, biking, walking etc.), that would help a lot with shifting away from fossil fuels. Also, the use of electric and hybrid cars will also help in the decrease of fossil fuel usage.

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    have a go green box at every school. ride your bike more

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    Drive less. 70% of US oil consumption is in the transportation sector. Driving less in terms of electric cars will also reduce consumption of coal and natural gas, which account for about two-thirds of US electricity generation. Drive less.

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    We can start by relying on electric cars.  Several new models have recently emerged that promise a start to more manufacturers jumping on board with rechargeable vehicles.  It would be a clean, efficient way to travel.  The electricity used for charging stations could be renewable solar or wind power.

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