What do you think was the greenest invention in the 90’s?



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    One very significant progression made in the early 90’s was the development of the electric car. Electric cars had been successfully built before the 90’s, but they were slow and could only travel limited distances. By 1994 cars like the Geo Metro Solectrica were traveling 200 miles on one charge at highway speeds. These developments were the foundation for vehicles like the Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf, Smart car and others to come.

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    I agree with aaron10 that the electric car was one of mankind’s best ideas. However, I know a couple that built their first electric car in the 1980’s. So, I wouldn’t credit it as an invention of the 90’s. It was more of a political phenomenon that drove the development of commercially produced electric vehicles.

    Like the electric car, one could say that compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) were a development of the 90’s. Although regular fluorescent lights were invented much earlier, the development of the CFL made it practical for people to use them in their homes. The CFL was first patented in the late 1980’s, but took some time to gain popularity.

    I think that many of the things that were actually invented in the 90’s are just not being put to practical use yet. The Internet might count, but then again people were networking computers long before Al Gore stepped in and decided to take credit for the birth of the world wide web. My boyfriend witnessed it happening in the 70’s at McGill University.

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