What do you think is the significance of “climate-gate”?



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    It is difficult to say what the “climategate” scandal’s actual significance is, given that the documents were all obtained illegally by a hacker and most of them were irrelevant. There are only a few emails of focus by the media and they are largely being blown out of proportion. The danger of the scandal is that it is taking the very serious matter of climate change and pulling some validity out of the science in the eyes of the public. Politicians, in general, care about one thing: votes. Whatever the voters think will sway their decisions. “Climategate” is just another obstacle in the way of making actual progress towards worthwhile climate legislation.  It’s also an excuse for members of a particular sect of the media to make environmental concerns a matter of politics rather than of basic humanity. Google climategate and one will know what I mean. Linked below is a basic discription of the scandal.

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