What do you think of Sierra Club?



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    Personally, I have only been involved with the Sierra Club through their outings program. The people who participate in outings such as day hikes, camping trips, dinner parties, international travel are really friendly, open-minded, diverse in age and backgrounds. No one tries to make you believe in their beliefs and ideals. No one tries you differently if you believe in something they don’t believe in. Everyone just pays the Sierra Club an annual membership fee and do fun active stuff together. We practice Leave No Trace principle whereever we go and try out best to enjoy the natural environment. I enjoy this aspect of the Sierra Club. I don’t know about its advocacy side. I’ve heard they are quite radical and a nuisance to lawmakers in DC like Greenpeace. 

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    I believe the Sierra Club does a lot of good with what they stand for. There seem to be many different types of people that are involved with the club. There are plenty of members who join to help maintain and preserve the trails in their area. Some of our most treasured outdoor refuges in the United States like the Appalachian Trail rely greatly on volunteer efforts by groups like the Sierra Club. There are also some extreme activists that protest and sometimes cross the line with their opposition to certain issues. Just like any other belief system or organization, there are always going to be some radicals that create a certain opinion for the public.

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