What do you think should be at the top of the environmental to do list?



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    I think that education should be at the top of the environmental to do list.  Humans have a huge role in changes in the environment. Our behavior and life style has lead to global warming and this will not stop until people are educated to the point of taking action and changing our habits.  It seems that the first step to a problem is to stop the problem from continuing and then finding solutions on how to repair the damage the problem has created.  

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      Couldn’t agree more, without education we have nothing. If we teach people how to respect the environment and what the problems are I am sure it would be effective.

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    I believe that the first step in making an environmental impact is to make sustainability and greener practices a priority in every country’s agenda. If people saw that their governments were paying more attention to the issues, it could play a large part in how active people became and could impact their actions as well.

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