What do you think is the prettiest fish?



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    While I doubt my opinion will be shared by a lot of people, I think sharks, especially tiger and great white sharks, are the most beautiful fish. They are perfectly evolved for their environment, very sleek and efficient, and move with a graceful beauty that’s unlike almost anything else in the sea. Sharks have reputations for being mindless killers (thank you, Peter Benchley and Steven Spielberg), but in actuality they’re extremely admirable creatures, and among the most interesting and unique on planet Earth.

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    Actually, I agree, and would say that there are many sharks that possess beauty. They can be so very large, yet so fast and graceful in the water. They have survived for millenia, and while I don’t know I want to meet one face to face, they always look beautiful swimming through the water.

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    I personally like clownfish — their bright orange coloring is very beautiful.  They live in coral reefs and have a reciprocal or “symbiotic” relationship with anemone.  This means that the anemone benefits from the clownfish, and the clownfish benefits from the anemone.  The clownfish receives protection from predators by hiding in the anemone and the anemone is given good water circulation by the clownfish.  

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    Personally, I have so many favorites, it is impossible to pick which one is prettiest.  I am usually most attached to salt water fish.  Their colors are so vibrant, and absolutely stunning.  Here’s a picture of one of the favorites:



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    I think the sleek, athletic build of a Manta Ray is impressive.

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    I think Angel Fish always look great along the coral reef.  


    Angel fish

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