What do you think our children will remember about Obama and the environment?



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    I think it’s still way too early tell, but hopefully our generation, under Obama, is remembered as the one that recognized the need for energy efficiency and took the steps to implement it. Obama has pledged to cut global warming gases by 80% by 2050; if he can keep that pledge, he may be remembered as one the most important/influential environmental leaders ever.

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    During the first two years of the Obama Administration, they did very little.  The biggest problem is that President Obama has shown such little global leadership on environmental policy.  His domestic policies have also come up short-allowing oil drilling that could endanger certain species, limiting the number of species put on the endangered list, etc.

    As of Sept 2011, environmental groups continue to be frustrated with the administration.  The President, according to activists, comprimises too much with the Republicans on what they see as key issues such as emission control, and a strong climate change bill.

    I think that our children will see a President that made a lot of promises that he did not keep.  Perhaps if he is elected to a second term, he will be more apt to follow through on environmental goals and take a more firm leadership globally.

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