What do you think is the most well known zoo in the world?



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    The San Diego Zoo, in San Diego California, is certainly the most well known in America and likely the world as well.  The zoo houses 4,000 animals and over 800 species.  It rests on 100 acres of parkland and is known for successful breeding of the endangered Giant Panda.  The zoo is also known for establishing excellent exhibits that mimic natural habitat.  The zoo also works to preserve endangered and threatened species and protect their land around the world.

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    I agree that the San Diego Zoo is one of the most well known throughout the wrold.  California is a huge destination for tourists, and the zoo is quite easy to get to from anywhere in San Diego – plus it’s a pretty drive out there.  It is not like a typical zoo, it is very interactive which certainly helps with its popularity.  

    I also think that the Australia Zoo is another very well known zoo – especially due to Steve Irwin’s show and his family carrying on his passion.

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