What do you think is the most interesting animal in the world?



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    I think the most interesting animal in the world is the platypus.  A platypus is a mix of a beaver, an otter, and a duck.  Wacky combination!  They live only in Australia, and male platypuses have venomous stingers on their back feet.  A platypus is one of the only mammals that lays eggs (echnidas do too). 

    Photo: View of a platypus from above

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    I think the most interesting animal is the octopus! They have the ultimate camouflage! just look at this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1jb18vaBIg&feature=related ! They range from dwar octopi to giant ones and are highly intelligent! They have 3 hearts to pump their blood throughout their gills and body! They have a water vascular system which appears as the suction cups which can become incredibly strong. They use jet propulsion to move and have a very advanced nervous system! So far advanced that many countries require them to be administered anesthesia before undergoing surgical procedures! I could go on and on about how interesting these animals are but check out the wikipedia page to get some general knowledge if you don’t want to read through scientific papers.

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    I think humans are the most interesting animals on Earth, although not necessarily in a good way.  They exhibit behavior unlike any other counterpart in the animal kingdom.  These creatures actually destroy their own environment, and knowingly so!  They base decisions not on survival needs, but on temporary gains.  They often ignore their own instincts.  They overconsume to the point that the population will be extinct, and have the knowledge that it is a looming threat! 

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    Okapi, thought to be unicorns and the last surviving relative of the giraffes. Stripes on their leges and the head of giraffee. Weird, weird creature.

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    I think seahorses are one of the most interesting animals in the world. They are actually a type of fish, in the genus Hippocamus. They don’t look anything like a fish. Their bodies are not steamline like a typical fish. Offspring bearing duties are reversed: the males bear and care for the offsprings. Its movement is different from that of a typical fish. Apparently they make a clicking noise whenever they injest something. They are quite unique, but we generally don’t know much about them. 

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