What do you think is the most impressive thing on Obama’s environmental resume?



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    Signing a non binding emissions reduction plan at Copenhagen probably, he also won the nobel prize for his environmental efforts. If he can pass a strong environmental bill in America, that will be his biggest environmental accomplishment. 

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    He did in fact do well in Copenhagen. I think he has done a great job promoting awareness and encouraging American to do what they can at the individual and local level. He has created tax breaks and incentives for people to get rid of energy inefficient cars and appliances, and created a nation awareness about the threat of climate change–something the last President never did.

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    I’ll agree with raising the awareness about global warming and other environmental issues. As for actual action, I am yet to see anything impressive beyond small-scale, marginal advancements that are not much of an improvement over the Bush era. Also, from what I read in the news, the Nobel Peace prize had to do with improving diplomatic relations with not-so-friendly countries, and it was a rather surprising award considering how little he actually accomplished.

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    Today, I’d say the fuel efficiency standards he imposed last year for cars and trucks in the U.S. is quite impressive.  At the risk of alienating support for oil industry leaders, even in the midst of an economic recession, Obama’s program here is expected to save 1.8 billion barrels of oil from being used if fully implemented through coming years. 

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