What do you think is the most important day for the environment?



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    Frankly, everyday is the most important day for the environment. Nature does not keep time. It doesn’t define an end or a beginning. Everything is cycle and interconnected. So make everyday as green as possible because everyday is earth day! Designating one day for the environment only incentivizes people to care less about the environment the rest of the days. 

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    Majphan stated this really well. The environment doesn’t start or stop when we do, and things won’t magically get better one day when people decide to recycle a little bit more than yesterday or tomorrow. I think that Earth Day is great for raising awareness, but we have to keep the momentum going and treat every  day with environmental respect.

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    I also agree with Majphan. Everyday is an important day for the environment. Unfortunately, the general public often forgets about the ethical duty they have to Earth. The Earth is home to us all and unfortunately it is being contaminated and damaged by humans and their products. It would be ideal for us all to constantly remember to conserve, recycle to reduce the amount of trash and pollutants on this earth. Unfortunately, people are consumed with their daily lives and forget about their responsibility to the environment and that’s why there are holidays like Earth Day, Ocean Day and Arbor Day to remind the public.

    While animals resort to killing for food and defense, Humans kill not only for food but for pride, money and trophies. Humans along with murdrering and causing the extinction of many species also causing the deterioration of forests by deforestation and the contaimination of the ocean. If people don’t realize what’s happening to the Earth each day then more likely they will forget that their responsible for the well-being of the planet.


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