What do you think is the most fragile ecosystem in the world?



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    In my opinion, the desert ecosystems are the most fragile. The severe limitations on water that might help in recovery after disturbance creates hardship for the plants and animals. Most of the larger plants are slow-growing.

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    The polar regions have become fragile ecosystems due to global warming, pollution, and overfishing. The habitats in the polar regions are receding rapidly, and we may lose a lot of species if these habitats are destroyed. I’m worried this will happen sooner rather than later.

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    I was inclined to say that all ecosystems are fairly durable, in the way that the animals within them have adapted to the conditions.  But it’s true, with climate change and other variable onsets, the glaciers are seeing the quickest change and leaving little opportunity for the organisms within the ecosystem to adapt.  Any outside influence stimulates a certain degree of fragility- like a small creek or pond that becomes heavily polluted by neighboring run-off from communities, or suffers an invasive species of fish or plants that drown out the native ones.

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    In my opinion, coral reef ecosystems are the most fragile.  They are heavily dependent on sunlight and the right balance of underwater vegetation.  Coral reefs also host a lot of marine wildlife. 

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